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A fundamental part of your success in Figma is Gorillaroni Promotion Packs. Order likes, duplicate projects and comments on Figma and watch your projects gain popularity and brand awareness.

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Figma projects

Pack your portfolio

Boosting likes, followers, and comments will increase the reputation and visibility of your brand among customers, as well as other developers on Figma. Plus, it's a great way to get more visitors to your profile and let them explore all of your designs.

Promotion of digital products

Are you developing interfaces, prototypes or other useful products? Projects with a lot of likes and often duplicated by other users will surely help you drive more traffic to your design, website or online digital store.

Saving time

Naturally promoting a portfolio on Figma can take a lot of time and effort, and choosing the right channels to promote is an even more tedious and difficult task. Our Figma promotion packages are a simple, time-saving and fast alternative to increase your profile visibility and credibility.

Rating upgrade

If you want to improve your portfolio statistics, the position of your cases in Figma searches and suggested results - the number of likes, comments, followers and duplicate cases plays a big role, while increasing the level of rating and audience engagement.

03 How to promote

Likes on Figma

The most appreciated works are directly transformed into unusual projects and instantly arouse the interest of visitors. Buy likes in Figma and watch your profile become more recognizable and visible.

Duplicate projects

If your projects are used by a large number of users, and the portfolio looks popular, more and more people will want to look at it or even take it as an inspiration!


Comments are an integral part of the promotion of projects on Figma. A large number of comments means that your profile and content is extremely important and interesting.

04 Be where
your customers are

People spend an average of almost 2.5 hours on social media every day. Make it easier for them to find your brand in four easy steps:

your project
the results

05 Portfolio on

Publish and promote

By increasing the number of appreciations, comments, and duplicate projects, you not only attract attention, but also encourage potential clients to take your work seriously. Show everyone that your team and all your projects deserve attention!

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06 faq

Why should I promote on Figma?

Figma is a unique online interface design and prototyping service that is used by over 2 million developers. This is 2 million interested users and your customers who are waiting for fresh ideas.

Figma promotion is one of the main ways to show your audience your popularity. Figma is very simple and easy to use, and with the right SMM promotion, our packages for boosting likes, followers and duplicate projects on Figma will increase your credibility and attract the attention of thousands of customers, as well as other designers and developers.

How long does it take to promote?

Experienced specialists are responsible for carrying out the work, who will perform all the necessary operations in the shortest possible time and provide a first-class result. You can see the estimated time for promoting projects on Figma in the description of the packages.

Is it possible to re-buy a promotion package on figma?

Sure. It’s a great practice to re-purchase likes and duplicates for a new project, this will give rise to a natural increase in popularity among Figma users who will appreciate both new projects and older ones.

How to start?

All you need is a link to your Figma account or project. Start of work — within 2 hours, from the moment the application is confirmed (in rare cases up to 12 hours), all that remains is to enjoy the promotion process!

Can figma block my account?

Our specialists use advanced techniques that guarantee the fastest results in compliance with all the rules — without the risk of blocking and banning.

What is figma likes and followers for?

The field of design, interface development and applications is full of emerging talent, in the mass of which it is very easy to get lost. To gain the first audience and attract new subscribers faster, you should use professional promotion. And buying likes and followers on Figma will help bring your projects to the top of the results.

07 What people say?
Customer Reviews

Real professionals in their field! Fast, high quality, attentive to wishes. Thanks a lot! For the promotion of Figma - only to you!

Product Designer / 01
Thanks for a job well done, would definitely recommend. Done very quickly and even with a bonus of 100 likes, you have + a regular customer).

UI&UX Designer / 02
We ordered promotion in Figma, 500 likes. I was satisfied with the quality of work! We will continue to cooperate 🙂

Artist / 03