Public offer

This document "Public offer on the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services for a fee" is an offer to conclude a contract for the provision of services on the conditions set out below.

Before using the materials and services of the website and placing Orders, please read the terms of this offer.

1.Basic terms and definitions

1.1. Site - a set of web pages located on the Internet, united by a single address space of the domain, intended to familiarize Users with information about the Services and order Services via the Internet.

1.2 Contractor - The Contractor, represented by its authorized employees, carries out activities to manage the Site and provide the Services.

1.3 User - any person who has entered into an Agreement with the Contractor in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and on the terms of this Offer.

1.4 Service - the actions of the Contractor aimed at increasing traffic on the User's website (increasing the number of visits). A complete list of Services is presented on the Site.

1.5.Order - a duly executed request of the User for the provision of the Services.

1.6 Offer - the text of this document with all appendices, changes and additions to it, posted on the Site and containing the conditions and procedure for using the Site and the provision of Services.

1.7 Agreement - an agreement for the provision of services for a fee, which is concluded and executed by the User and the Contractor in the manner and on the conditions provided for by this Offer.

2. General provisions

2.1. The agreement concluded on the terms of this Offer is a legally binding document and regulates the relationship between the User and the Contractor arising from the use of the Site, ordering, paying for and providing the Services.

2.2. By ordering Services through the Site, the User agrees that:

a) he has read the terms of this Offer in full. The Contractor is not responsible for any losses, damages, lost profits and other adverse consequences for the User who is not familiar with the provisions of this Offer.
b) ordering the Services on the Site means that he accepts all the terms of this Offer in full without any exceptions and restrictions on his part (acceptance). The agreement concluded by accepting this Offer does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form.
c) if the User does not agree with the terms of this Offer or does not have the right to conclude an Agreement by force of law, he should refuse to use the Site.
d) The Offer (including any of its parts) may be changed by the Contractor without any special notice. The new version of the Offer comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Offer.
e) settlements under the Agreement can be made between the Contractor and the User, including with the help of third parties - the Contractor's partners. Accordingly, for the purposes of making settlements between the Parties, the User may need to accept the terms of the contracts of the Contractor's partners helping him to carry out settlements with the User, such as payment service providers, partner services, and other similar partner companies of the Contractor.
2.3. The relations of the Parties can be additionally regulated by separate documents and agreements governing the use of the respective services. The application of such additional documents and agreements does not cancel the validity of this Offer.

3.Subject of the contract

3.1 The Contractor undertakes to provide the Services in accordance with the Order placed by the User, and the User undertakes to pay for the Services in the manner prescribed by the Agreement.

3.2 The Object of the Services, the scope of the Services, the price, as well as other necessary conditions of the Agreement are determined on the basis of the information provided by the User when placing the Order and are an integral part of the Agreement.

4. Terms of Service

4.1 The Site is intended to familiarize Users with information about the Services and order Services via the Internet. The relations between the User and the Contractor are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine on the provision of paid services and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.

4.2 The Service is ordered by placing an Order in the appropriate section of the Site.

4.3 By ordering the Services on the Site, the User agrees with the procedure and conditions for the provision of the Services specified below.

4.4 The purchase of the Services is carried out by the User by placing an Order. The User independently reads the description of the Services, chooses the Services, the scope of the Services, provides a link to the site in relation to which the Services must be provided and clicks on the "Buy" button.

4.5. The range of Services presented on the Site, description, price and other conditions are valid at the time they are posted on the Site and may be changed by the Contractor without prior notice to the user. The new terms of sale come into effect from the moment they are posted on the Site.

4.6 It is forbidden to simultaneously place Orders for Services of the same type in relation to the same link. The simultaneous execution of such Orders may lead to the fact that the Services will in fact be rendered incorrectly or not in full. In this case, no refund is made to the User.

4.7. When ordering Services on the Site, the User should not simultaneously place orders for similar services in relation to the same link in other services. The Contractor is not responsible for the completeness of the provision of the Services and any adverse consequences for the User in the event of a parallel ordering of services in other services.

4.8. The user is fully responsible for the provision of incorrect information, which entailed the impossibility of the Contractor to properly fulfill his obligations to him.

4.9 The user is prohibited from changing the domain of the site in the process of providing the Services. If the User violates these requirements, the Services may not be provided in full, incorrectly or not provided at all, while the funds for the Services are not refundable.

4.10 By placing an Order for Services, the User confirms that he is familiar with the risks and orders the exact volume of Services that will not harm his site and will not entail sanctions from search engines or other services. The Services are provided by the Contractor in automatic mode, and, if necessary, with the involvement of third parties, there is no technical ability to control this process, in this regard, the User must independently determine the volume of Services that is safe for his site.

5. Procedure for the provision of Services

5.1 All orders are automatically processed and the Contractor cannot cancel them immediately at the request of the User due to the complex algorithms of the system. If the order is not executed for more than 48 hours, the User must write to the technical support service and within 24-120 hours the order will be canceled or restarted, after which the funds can be returned to the User (in case of cancellation).

5.2 The Contractor does not guarantee the exact observance of the terms and volumes of the provision of the Services indicated on the Site. The launch time, speed and volumes of the Service provided in the description of the Service are approximate and depend on the current load on the server and many other factors. The Contractor may need more or less time to complete the order, to which the User agrees.

5.3. To fulfill its obligations under this Offer, the Contractor has the right to involve third parties.

5.4 Refusal to perform the Services may be due to one of the following reasons:

a) the form was filled out incorrectly when placing an order;
b) this Service is not available for technical reasons.

5.5. In the event of such a situation, the User should contact technical support for additional information. Funds for such an order can be returned to the User.

5.6 In the process of fulfilling the Order and within 3 (three) days after its execution, the User, in the event of any deficiencies in the provided Services, must send the Contractor a request to eliminate the deficiencies outlining specific deficiencies. A request to eliminate defects is sent by the User through the feedback form on the Site.

5.7. In case of receipt from the User of requests to eliminate deficiencies in the Services provided, the Contractor shall eliminate these deficiencies within the period agreed by the Parties, provided that such requirements do not go beyond the order.

5.8. If, after 3 (three) days from the date of execution of the order, the User has not received any objections regarding the results of the Services provided, then the Services are considered to be provided properly, and the Contractor is considered to have fulfilled its obligations to the User.
5.9. If the description of the Service indicates that the Service is not provided with a guarantee, this means that in the event of any adverse consequences for the User during or after the provision of such Service.

5.10. If the User has already placed an order to attract traffic, but the site address was specified incorrectly, or the site does not function, the order is automatically considered completed even if the service was not launched.

6. Payment for Services

6.1. Prices for the Contractor's Services are indicated on the Site in US Dollars.

6.2 The Contractor has the right to unilaterally change the prices for the Services presented on the Site at any time. At the same time, the price for a Service that has already been ordered cannot be changed.

6.3. Payment for the Services is made using bank cards, electronic payment systems, payment services, cryptocurrencies and other methods indicated on the Site.

6.4. To pay for the Services, the user must click on the "Buy" button, select a payment method and then follow the instructions of the payment service.

6.5. After the Services are paid, the refund is carried out only in the case specified in clause 5.1. Agreement. In other cases, refunds will not be made and any claims to the Contractor regarding the withdrawal of funds from the user's balance are not satisfied.

6.6 In the event that the Order cannot be executed by the Contractor, the funds can be returned to the User. In this case, the User, at the suggestion of the support service, can order similar Services. If it is impossible to provide similar Services and the User refuses from the Contractor's proposals for the provision of other Services, the Contractor can refund the funds contributed by the User within 45 days, from the date of receipt from the User of a written request for the refund, indicating the details for the transfer.
6.7. In case of revealing signs of fraud in the user's actions, such as unauthorized use of someone else's bank cards, electronic wallets, etc., the Contractor has the right to cancel the Order of this User forever without refunding the deposited funds.

6.8. The Contractor has the right to limit the available methods of transferring funds by users. Information on the current methods of replenishing the balance is contained on the Site.

7.Rights and responsibilities

7.1. The Contractor has exclusive rights to the content, including software products and online services of the Site as a whole and the computer programs included in them or used in conjunction with them, databases, cartographic, reference and informational and other text materials, images and other objects of copyright and / or related rights, as well as objects of patent rights, Trademarks, commercial designations and trade names, as well as other parts of software products and / or online services of the Site (regardless of whether they are part of them or are additional components, and whether it is possible to extract them from their composition and use independently) separately. These rights are reserved in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine.

7.2. The Contractor carries out the current management of the Site, determines its structure, appearance, allows or restricts user access to the Site, exercises other rights belonging to him.

7.3 The Contractor decides on the procedure for placing advertisements on the Site, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

7.4 The Contractor has the right:

a) at any time, change the design of the Site, its content, change or supplement the scripts used, software, content and other objects used or stored on the Site, any server applications, with or without user notification;
b) send messages (including messages by e-mail), which are notifications about the introduction of new or cancellation of old services, approval and publication of a new version of the Offer, notifications containing advertising information about the services of the Contractor.
c) display advertising materials on the Site.

7.5. The user is prohibited from:

7.5.1. reproduce, copy, process, distribute, download, transfer, sell or otherwise use the content of the Site in whole or in part, without the prior permission of the Contractor.
7.5.2. indicate deliberately false or fictitious information about yourself;
7.5.3. take actions aimed at destabilizing the functioning of the Site, attempt to unauthorized access to the management of the Site or its closed sections (sections to which only the Contractor is allowed access), as well as perform any other similar actions.
7.5.4. provide links to sites specializing in the distribution of viruses and malicious software.
7.5.5. provide links to pornographic content, including bestiality, including child porn.
7.5.6. indicate links to resources with someone else's content.
7.5.7. indicate links to resources that redirect to third-party domains.
7.5.8. provide links to phishing resources and portals that block anti-viruses, for example, Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

8.Warranty and liability

8.1 The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the Service if the User has indicated false information necessary to provide the Service.

8.2 The Contractor is not responsible for any losses, damage, lost profits and other adverse consequences for the User and (or) other third parties associated with the receipt of the Services from the Contractor.

8.3 The Contractor is in no way responsible for the imposition of any sanctions on the User's website from search engines or other affiliate programs.

8.4 The user is responsible for any violation of the obligations established by the Agreement and (or) applicable law, as well as for all consequences of such violations (including any losses that the Contractor and other third parties may incur).

8.5 The Contractor is not responsible for possible failures and interruptions in the operation of the Site and the loss of information caused by them. The Contractor is not responsible for any damage to the User's computer, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused by or associated with the use of the Site or sites accessible via hyperlinks posted on the Site.

8.6 In any case, the aggregate amount of the Contractor's liability under the Agreement is limited to the amount received by the Contractor from the User under the Agreement.

8.7. The Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement for the duration of the force majeure. Force majeure means extraordinary and insurmountable circumstances under these conditions that prevent the Parties from fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement. These include: changes in the operation of algorithms of social networks and related consequences, actions of state authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, other acts of God, lack of electricity and / or disruptions in the operation of a computer network, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to the above. During this time, the Parties have no mutual claims, and each of the Parties assumes its own risk of the consequences of force majeure.

9. Final provisions

9.1. The Agreement comes into force from the moment of payment for the Order on the Site and is valid for an indefinite period until the moment of its termination.

9.2. All disagreements arising between the Parties are subject to settlement through negotiations. The pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute arising from relations governed by the Agreement is considered mandatory. The period for pre-trial settlement of claims is 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt of the relevant claim. If no agreement is reached on the settlement of the dispute, such a dispute is subject to consideration and resolution in court in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. The recognition by the court of any provision of the Offer as invalid and not applicable does not entail the invalidity of other provisions of the Offer.

9.4. All notices, messages, demands, claims and other similar documents of the Parties arising from the Agreement, sent to each other, must be drawn up in writing. These documents, sent by e-mail, with confirmation of their sending, have full legal force and can be used as written evidence.