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02 advantages of buying our traffic

geo targeting

You can choose almost any country in the world as a source of traffic.

session duration control

Set the required session time - up to 5 minutes.

guaranteed visits

You will see all traffic in the Google Analytics dashboard.

adsense protection

To ensure the safety of your Adsense account, we carefully filter traffic so that ads don't even load.

referrals from google

You can specify the necessary keywords to go to the site from the Google search engine.

quick campaign setup

No long registration procedures: place your order in just a few clicks.

03 why are we the best?

Satisfied customers

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05 results in your google analytics. full google compatibility

We guarantee that all your traffic will be visible in Google Analytics and you will get the result you pay for. Our project has been on the market since 2005, which is more than 12 years of experience. We know perfectly well how to give what our clients need.

06 Adsense Safe.
No ads - no clicks

Do you have a Google Adsense site? No worries! Our targeted traffic is completely safe for Adsense and other pay-per-click ad networks. To ensure the safety of your Adsense account, we carefully filter traffic so that this script doesn't even load.

07 wide geo targeting.
Support for all countries

You can choose which country you would like to receive visitors from. We support all countries in the world. Move your site's ranking to another level in services like Alexa or SimilarWeb in a specific country or region.

08 SEO vs. Paid Traffic. Why rely on SEO alone?

Not only is organic web traffic difficult to attract, it can also take an average of 4 to 6 months before you see any improvement in rankings, specific products, or page search.

We recommend mixing all types of marketing (search engines, social media, paid traffic) to drive traffic to your site.

By using our services, we guarantee to increase your web traffic and possibly attract new visitors who want to buy, subscribe or register with your business.

Purchased traffic can help in attracting such a high-quality audience by solving several problems at once: increasing traffic, improving site statistics and attracting real buyers

09 Traffic as a promotion method

One of the basic components of SEO promotion is the behavioral factors of the site, their adjustment and improvement is possible with the help of paid traffic. In turn, behavioral factors are taken into account when ranking by search engines, along with the link profile or link mass, which determine the totality of all links leading to the site, keywords, social signals, etc.

Why is it important to increase website traffic? First of all, to improve the behavioral factors of the site and the growth of its positions in the search results, since these factors are the most important when ranking a site by search engines.

Behavioral factors is a type of analytics that reflects all the actions that visitors take on the site.

Improving the effectiveness of the site depends on increasing some and decreasing others:

— an increase in the number of page views on the site, including unique ones;

— an increase in the average duration of viewing time;

— an increase in the number of repeat visits to the site;

— decrease in the number of failures;

— an increase in the number of views per session, etc.

Collecting information about behavioral factors occurs all the time.

As soon as unique views begin to grow, the site confidently «creeps» up in the ranking system, and the return on its work increases.

And vice versa: if the average duration of a site view is steadily falling, then its effectiveness in the eyes of the search engine as a «useful» site inevitably also falls.

The more efficiently users interact with the site, the better the behavioral factors.

This is reflected in the search results with lightning speed — the site moves up and appears in the search results closer and closer to the TOP positions.

The next thing that the purchased visitors to the site are very helpful in is the influence on the growth of the site’s positions in LF (low-frequency) and MF (mid-frequency) search queries.

How is the frequency of requests determined?

Very simple: it is a criterion for how often users type a certain query in the search bar.

A phrase that gives up to one hundred impressions per month will be considered a low-frequency request.

Up to a thousand per month — mid-range.

These figures are very approximate and may be different for different search engines (for example, the most popular queries can have such a number of impressions that, compared to them, a thousand are low frequencies), however, they reflect the essence of the concept of frequency.

The most important role of LF queries is that they are the most complete and relevant.

The probability that a user who comes to the site for such a request will make a purchase is maximum.

Usually it is the selection of LF queries that is considered the starting point in creating the semantic core of any Internet resource with a commercial focus.

As for the midrange queries, since this is the largest part of the queries, promotion on them can give good traffic to the site at a relatively low cost.

The next plus that the purchase of visitors can give is that the site gets into the search for queries for which it has not been shown before.

What does this mean?

This means that there is a wider coverage of the target audience. Users from groups that previously could not be reached begin to come to the site.

Of course, this brings a positive result, because everyone is extremely important to new users who can move from the category of potential customers to the category of real customers.

What are the other benefits of promoting a website with paid traffic?

Let’s say a site sells ad space on its pages.

What is important for an advertiser in the first place?

Of course — the traffic of the resource on which he is going to place his advertisement.

And such statistics can be quickly improved by buying traffic.

It is important that this will not be a simple cheat, it will be real visitors who perform real actions in relation to the resource and increase its efficiency in a natural way.

It is also worth mentioning the improvement of site rankings due to its traffic.

We are talking about improving the statistics of Google Analytics, Alexa Rank, SimilarWeb and others.

And, finally, a situation often arises when a site is put up for sale.

How quickly this sale takes place (as well as the amount of the transaction) depends on the interest of potential buyers in the resource being sold.

Therefore, everything depends on the statistics of the site and, again, on its effectiveness as a business tool.

Buying traffic will quickly improve the site’s statistics and raise the liquidity of such a resource for the buyer.

10 FAQ

Most of our customers use our service to improve the traffic metrics of their sites. When ordering traffic, you can control the bounce rate, return rate, session time, increase your total traffic, add more organic or social traffic, and work with almost every metric of your site’s traffic.

Our promotion is absolutely safe for pay-per-click advertising systems. In the case of the Adsense system, by default we don’t even load the ad serving script, so visitors won’t see any ads.

All visitors to our platform are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that we have direct access to. Our publisher network is made up of an extremely large network of websites, application developers and social networks.

We strive to attract the best visitors to our clients’ sites. Conversions will depend entirely on your website content and targeting choices.

A guaranteed Alexa Rank improvement can only be achieved if you have Alexa Rank Certified activated. Certification on your website with Alexa Rank means that you have an Alexa traffic counter installed, so can see all the traffic coming to your website. Without the Alexa counter, not all traffic is counted, but only the overall score is determined.

All tariff plans expire 30 days after creation. You can easily create a new campaign by purchasing the required amount of traffic.

You can track visitors using the Google Analytics, Global Alexa and Global Histats platforms. We do not guarantee that other counters will fully track all traffic.

We do not currently support link shortening services. Please, when creating your campaign, send the original, full link to the site.

Actual traffic and the number shown in your meter may differ from time to time. Some analytics tools usually have a delay in the displayed statistics, so the traffic shown on your site may differ in one direction or another. You can wait a bit until the analytics tool is updated and then contact us if you encounter any problems.

Yes, we accept adult sites.

Place an order in a few clicks, select a package, provide a link to the site, as well as the required campaign parameters, then go through the payment procedure. For multiple sites, fill out the order form again.

11 what people say? Feedback from our clients

The traffic flow has been adjusted, everything is going as it should - the indicators have improved significantly, the bounce rate has especially decreased, I will wait for the growth of positions in Yandex. Thank you very much for your prompt and quality work. We will work again.

Design Studio / 01
Increased website traffic by 800-900 people per day for a month, the goal is to increase the sales of advertising space on the site. Wonderful work, the result was not long in coming, no hiccups. Traffic is well received from Google and Yandex. I will order more, thanks!

News portal / 02
We are working. Visitors consistently go to the site, everything is visible in the statistics. Websites climb positions briskly and confidently. I hope for strong and long-term cooperation. Once again, everything was done on time, with high quality and in full.

Blog host / 03